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This page provides you with information about the different types of massage we do and their benefits of them to help decide which massage is best for you.


Relaxing massage 

Whole body treatment that uses smooth and gentle techniques with unscented oil to relieve muscular tension, stress, and promote relaxation in general. 

Deep tissue massage 

Massage with sustained slow pressure with fingers, knee, and elbow to focus and target chronic tension in the muscle. Deep tissue massage is used to treat chronic pain, limited mibility, muscle tension and spasm, postural problem, strain injury, etc



Massage Oil

Aromatherapy massage

This service helps improves mood, stress, and pain management by using  essential oils which come in different scents coupled with different techniques involving both relaxing and pressure point techniques

Couple massage

For a couple or friends who would like to get a massage at the same time we have 2 rooms and beds available. type of massage can be request upon arrival 

Head Massage

Head massage 

Study shows this type of massage helps with preventing hair loss as it strengthens follicles as well as calming muscle tension around the head. This involves massaging the shoulder up to the head

traditional asian thai four hand massage  in tropical spa detail.jpg

4 hands massage

A massage session provided by 2 therapists by using synchronized techniques which is exceptionally soothing and calming, helps release stress in your body after a long day

traditional asian thai four hand massage  in tropical spa detail_edited.jpg
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